Gov. Snyder signs Sen. Casperson’s bill to help improve Michigan’s business climate

LANSING, Mich.- Legislation that eases regulatory burdens and bureaucratic barriers to growth by improving the state’s permitting process was recently signed in to law, said Sen. Tom Casperson.

Senate Bill 275, now Public Act 246 of 2011, is part of a comprehensive package of bills to reform Michigan’s regulatory climate, and is designed to make the state more competitive and user friendly. Casperson’s bill focuses on the state Department of Environmental Quality because it is at the heart of many problems raised by businesses wanting to expand.

“Michigan’s regulatory process is in serious need of reform,” said Casperson, R-Escanaba. “Severe inefficiencies and uncertainties stand in the way of business growth and this bill, along with the rest of this reform plan, will make it easier for small businesses to expand while maintaining environmental standards. Reforming Michigan’s regulatory climate is critical to our economic recovery.”

According to Site Selection magazine, business executives look at the ease of permitting and regulatory procedures as one of the top two considerations when choosing the place to locate or expand a business.