Casperson: creating jobs the end game of governors plan to reinvent Michigan

LANSING – After listening to the governor’s 2011 State of the State address Wednesday night, state Sen. Tom Casperson, R-Escanaba, issued the following statement:

“Creating jobs is my focus, and I am pleased that turning around Michigan’s economy was at the heart of Governor Snyder’s address. I was especially pleased that at the heart of his roadmap were areas of particular importance to the Upper Peninsula. I was excited to hear him speak about his commitment to meaningful regulatory reform that all too often kills economic opportunity locally and unreasonably interferes with our way of living in the U.P., as well as his focus on rural development and tourism. Less than a month on the job, the governor has presented a real and detailed roadmap to recovery.

“I look forward to working with Governor Snyder to spur long-term economic growth and job creation by focusing on Michigan’s strategic assets, like our natural resources, and reducing the size, scope and cost of government. I am encouraged with his plans to reform how government delivers services to taxpayers.

“However, the positive roadmap that Governor Snyder unveiled tonight to reform our state and create jobs for Michigan is just the first step in the process. A lot of work now needs to be done to turn that roadmap into real results – results that offer a fix to our economy. I am anxious to get to work with the governor to do just that and look forward to accomplishing those goals with him.”


Editor’s Note – Sen. Casperson was honored to be chosen to escort Gov. Snyder into the House chamber for his first State of the State address. A picture of Casperson escorting the governor is available on the senator’s photowire at: