Casperson and Kivela applaud interim energy agreement

CaspersonLANSING, Mich.—State Sen. Tom Casperson and state Rep. John Kivela joined together Wednesday to applaud the news of an interim power agreement between Wisconsin Energies and Cliffs Natural Resources.

The agreement will result in the immediate elimination of the supplemental system resource (SSR) payments that were devastating Upper Peninsula rate payers.

“I want to sincerely thank Wisconsin Energies, Cliffs Natural Resources, and Governor Snyder’s team for all their efforts to reach this agreement,” said Casperson, R-Escanaba. “We know this was a difficult agreement to construct under the circumstances, so I am truly grateful for the hard work and sustained effort of each to come to this agreement as this was critical for families and businesses across the U.P.

“With this agreement now signed, we can turn our undivided attention back to finalizing the long-term solution for the U.P’s energy needs, and I know I join with the U.P. legislative delegation in remaining at the ready to assist in any way I can.”

Kivela joined Casperson in praising the agreement.

“This was a critical step in protecting Upper Peninsula families from damaging increases in their utility bills,” said Kivela, D-Marquette. “I want to thank all parties involved for putting the well-being of our communities at the forefront and for finalizing this deal to end the possibility of SSR payments. Now, it is my hope that everyone stays committed to finalizing a long-term fix for U.P. energy reliability.”